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Guestbook for Homeless Homes Project
12.Lona Brown(non-registered)
This is absolutely amazing!
Very inspiring.... just... WOW!
This is one of the nicest things a person could do for another person.
11.Richard Calk(non-registered)
Many thanks for touching lives in this way. I have experienced homelessness myself and came out of the trenches with education. Now I am an advocate for the homeless. Beautiful work!
10.Carmella Bonomolo(non-registered)
Hi Ellen, its Carmella ,you know Carmella Bonomolo?so ya say you dont know who the heck is this?well thats allright youve probably forgotten me by now.Oh really carmella , well ok thatso ok you really dont know me or do you know of me!well baby this is your lucky day, cause now you do.I live at551 whiting ave.GrassValley Calif. Advocate BarbaraFrankin and Gregg Zaller are our angells in discuise. This is their 5th home they have opened for battered women , homeless, andjust tore up inividualls. I sent a request for a dentist earlier today, hope it made you laugh.Now on the flip sideWE NEED HELP. Here are a few photos of what we have to work with in short we need some ducets!
9.Tripti Sharma(non-registered)
this is an amazing thing which you are doing... totally awe-inspiring...
i belong from india... and i have seen so many homeless kids, girls and old people living on the roads... i know i am totally clueless how to start something like this... and also don't have guts to start something like this all alone... this must require a great team... but i try my best to help them... in my own ways...
i will show this to like-minded friends... and hope that they might start this...
keep up the good work... it will definitely bring a better tomorrow...
best of luck... :)
Personally think this is an amazing project. A wonderful thing to do!
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