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Guestbook for Homeless Homes Project
9.Tripti Sharma(non-registered)
this is an amazing thing which you are doing... totally awe-inspiring...
i belong from india... and i have seen so many homeless kids, girls and old people living on the roads... i know i am totally clueless how to start something like this... and also don't have guts to start something like this all alone... this must require a great team... but i try my best to help them... in my own ways...
i will show this to like-minded friends... and hope that they might start this...
keep up the good work... it will definitely bring a better tomorrow...
best of luck... :)
Personally think this is an amazing project. A wonderful thing to do!
7.Shayla Williams(non-registered)
Please post instructions for how to get started, or maybe add a forum or something to your website to connect people in other cities who would also like to do this. I will be looking for bits and pieces from now on, and would love to follow in your footsteps!
6.Belle Pullano(non-registered)
God Bless you for this, it's absolutely wonderful. I hope the authorities will allow people to sleep in them without harassing them.
5.jessica Millstead(non-registered)
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